Final Fantasy XIII-2 Comes To America in January MMXII (And It's Playable at Comic-Con)

Square Enix will start off the new year with the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in North America. The publisher of all things Final Fantasy has nailed down January 2012—2011-2, if they could get away with it—for the continuing adventures of the lady Lighting and her party. » 7/18/11 5:40pm 7/18/11 5:40pm

Toys R Us Brings Halo, Sonic, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Republic Commando Toys to Comic-Con

Some people go to the San Diego Comic-Con for the latest news on their favorite comic books, television shows, and movies. Some go to hobnob with the stars, or show off their latest cosplay masterpiece. Me, I go for the toys, and this year Toys R Us is bringing plenty of exclusive video game merchandise for the masses. » 7/01/11 3:20pm 7/01/11 3:20pm