He Made the 'School Shooting' Game the Sandy Hook Killer Played

The principal and the teachers all had it out for him, Jacob said. A likely story, but he does admit to a middle-school career of "graffiti, practical jokes and general annoyance," all leading to multiple suspensions. One day about five years ago he and his friend were sent home yet again. They decided to start work… »1/08/14 11:00am1/08/14 11:00am


Teen's School Shooting Plan Included Call of Duty's 'No Russian' Theme

The teenager accused of plotting a bombing attack on his school in Albany, Ore., wanted his car stereo to blare the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 soundtrack—specifically, the song from the infamous "No Russian" mission—as he carried out his assault, according to his handwritten plans, police there said. »5/29/13 10:00am5/29/13 10:00am

Did You Know In Brazil You Score Points for Killing Children in Grand Theft Auto? (Spoiler: You Don't)

Last Thursday, Brazil was visited by its own Columbine massacre. 23-year-old Wellington Menezes de Oliveira opened up fire at a school in Rio de Janeiro killing 12 pupils and injuring 13 others, aged between 12- and 14-years-old. Wellington killed himself minutes later, after being shot by a policeman. The country was… »4/13/11 8:30am4/13/11 8:30am