How A Visual Novel Made Me Question Morality Systems in Games

Recently, I sat down with School Days HQ » 8/28/12 8:00am 8/28/12 8:00am, a Japanese-made visual novel famous for the juxtaposition of its high school love triangle and shocking, ultra-violent endings. However, upon my completion of the game, I found my ending to be rather mundane—a happy ending like those found in many similar stories.

School Days HQ is a Beautiful, Shocking, Yet Flawed Title

School Days HQ is a visual novel about a highschooler trapped in a love triangle with the girl of his dreams... and the friend who helped him get the girl of his dreams. Recently released in the West in the form of an HD remake, it is one of the most famous visual novels in the past decade. And while there is a lot… » 8/24/12 8:00am 8/24/12 8:00am