'Postponed' Minecraft Convention Leaves Some People Calling Scam

The organizers of a New York-based Minecraft convention have unexpectedly announced that it will be postponed to a later date, and many who bought tickets are calling it a scam. » 7/08/14 3:17pm 7/08/14 3:17pm

A Nefarious Plot To Repackage And Sell A Free Open-Source Game

Imagine if a bunch of flight-sim enthusiasts got together and spent years assembling a free, open-source, constantly updated flight simulator. Wait actually, you don't have to imagine that: It's a real thing, and it's called FlightGear. The open-source simulator has been around for years. » 8/24/12 2:30pm 8/24/12 2:30pm

Besieged By Hackers, EA Tries To Stymie FIFA Phishing Scams

Giant video game publisher EA and its most popular video games are rich targets for hackers and scammers, but the company is determined to fight back and protect its users, EA's number two executive tells Kotaku. » 2/21/12 4:30pm 2/21/12 4:30pm

Oh Look, Another Multizillion-Spacedollar Scam Hit EVE Online

Only in an MMO is a gigantic financial crime a) subject to absolutely no punishment and b) a sign of the community's health because hey, it's all role-playing, right? Once again, we're looking at EVE Online. An intergalactic space Ponzi scheme fleeced investors of 1 trillion spacebuxx or whatever that currency is… » 8/12/11 8:30pm 8/12/11 8:30pm

HM Customs Warns Of Dangerous DS Fakes

HM Customs (as in Her Majesty's - the Queen hates smuggling) has issued a warning against fake Nintendo DS Lites that can (possibly) cause you physical harm as well as financial. » 12/04/08 7:20pm 12/04/08 7:20pm