Maingear's Ultimate 4K Gaming PC Shows Ultra HD How It's Done

The average PC gamer won't be able to afford to put together a 4K Ultra HD capable system for at least another couple of years. For the non-average PC gamer looking to spend upwards of $10,000 on a complete Ultra HD system, there's the Maingear Rush Vesuvius Edition — a showcase for AMD's water-cooled Radeon R9 295X2. »5/14/14 1:30pm5/14/14 1:30pm


The Jalopnik Film Festival To Host The First Public Screening Of RUSH

Do you want to see Ron Howard's new F1 epic RUSH before anyone else? What about the rally documentary Easier Said Than Done? Do you want to play Gran Turismo 6 early? Then I'm excited to announce you'll be able to do all that and more at the first ever Jalopnik Film Festival, presented by Gran Turismo 6. »8/29/13 3:27am8/29/13 3:27am

Next Week On Rock Band: Rush's "Moving Pictures" (And We Mean It This Time)

The release of Rush's "Moving Pictures" album for Rock Band »9/19/08 4:40pm9/19/08 4:40pm didn't quite go as in August. Prog-rockers were understandably upset, but Harmonix swears that, next week, you'll finally get it as downloadable content. For just $10.99 (880 Microsoft Points) you'll get all these classic Rush tracks, including "The Camera…