Man's Online “Girlfriend” Turns Out To Be Part of a Pyramid Scheme

In this day and age of technology and the internet, online dating is becoming more and more "normal." Unfortunately, every now and again online relationships tend cause problems with one party being untruthful to the other. Well, for one Chinese man, his digital girlfriend turned out to be more than just a scammer. »7/10/13 5:55am7/10/13 5:55am

13 Year-Old Steals Car, Drives 13 Hours To Meet Her Xbox Live "Boyfriend"

Beth Robinson is 13. She recently met a boy, aged 12, over Xbox Live. Beth lives in Houston and the boy, Dylan, lives in Hodgenville, Kentucky. When Beth's dad didn't like the fact the two were playing games and "chatting" together over the service, she did what any lovestruck 13 year-old girl would do: went a little… »9/09/12 11:00pm9/09/12 11:00pm