Can We All Please Ignore Roger Ebert From Now On? Thanks.

Let's stop giving a shit what Roger Ebert says about video games, and art, OK? We've tried like hell to make him into a punching bag, and neither he nor the rest of America gives a crap for the fact we choose to feel so insulted every time he says something about video games.

This past week, Ebert, still the most… » 3/09/12 9:00pm 3/09/12 9:00pm

Unseen 360 Clip Shows Avatars Playing Games (And A Dreamcast?)

Earlier this year, production company Roger were brought in by Microsoft to create an animated short for the company's E3 press conference, focusing on avatars. It was, apparently due to "time restraints", never shown. » 7/23/09 11:40pm 7/23/09 11:40pm