Robotics;Notes' Second Half is Tons of Fun (If You Don't Stop and Think About It)

Robotics;Notes is a near future tale of a high school robotics club trying to build a giant robot and save their club from getting axed. It is also a story with A.I. ghosts, super powers, an apocalyptic prophecy, mysterious murders, and an international conspiracy. In other words, it is a ton of fun. Of course, like… »3/26/13 8:00am3/26/13 8:00am

I'm Not Entirely Sure What to Think About Robotics;Notes (And It's Already Half Done)

From the creators of the visual novels Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate comes the anime adaptation of their latest game, Robotics;Notes. While at first the Robotics;Notes anime seems like little more than a near-future high school slice-of-life story, it soon devolves into a myriad of different stories, often of… »1/11/13 7:00am1/11/13 7:00am