Everything You Need To Know About The League of Legends World Championships

If you’ve been on the gaming parts of the internet over the past week, you’ve probably seen or heard something about the League of Legends World Championship. Having trouble grasping what’s going on right now with the most popular video game in the world? Fear not, I’m here to help you understand. »10/08/15 11:50amThursday 11:50am

League Of Legends’ Money-Grubbing Could Be A Whole Lot Worse

For all its talk about being a big ol’ piece of ~~freemium content~~, League of Legends is really expensive. Too expensive, some people (like me) might say. Despite the grief critics give Riot for monetizing almost every inch of League’s virtual real estate, it’s really not as bad as a free-to-play MOBA could be. »9/11/15 10:50am9/11/15 10:50am

Riot’s Idea For Punishing Ranked League Of Legends Players Seemed Harsh [UPDATE]

UPDATE (5:30 pm): Riot’s Jeffrey Lin has issued a follow up statement to the one this post originally covered, saying that he had made “a huge blunder” in his ask.fm post about the developer’s plans for the 2015 season rewards. While he originally said that all League of Legends ranked player who received any kind of… »8/21/15 12:46pm8/21/15 12:46pm

League Of Legends Pros Aren't Happy About Riot's Latest Lag Fix

Late last week, Riot revealed plans to relocate the North American servers for its popular online multiplayer game League of Legends from Portland to Chicago. The plan is to centralize the location of the servers, and thereby reduce lag for the greatest number of players possible. What could be the problem, you ask? »8/11/15 4:06pm8/11/15 4:06pm