Resident Evil: Retribution: The Kotaku Movie Review

Here's a not-so-big secret: most Hollywood adaptations of video games are not very good. Why? The reasons are numerous, but the most obvious one is that they're totally different mediums, and so much is lost in translation. The end result is usually something that leaves neither fans of the games nor those who simply… » 9/14/12 4:30pm 9/14/12 4:30pm

I See Lots of Milla Jovovich, But Not Much Bingbing Li

Late last week, stories surfaced » 9/10/12 7:20am 9/10/12 7:20am that Bingbing Li, the actor who plays Ada Wong in the new movie, wants nothing to do with Japan. You know, the country that made . And it now looks like Li got her wish not to appear on the Japanese movie posters.

How To Stop Yet Another Resident Evil Flick from "Definitely" Happening

The Resident Evil movies make money. That's why Hollywood keeps on making them. That's why there's the upcoming (and Sony hardware-filled) Resident Evil: Retribution. You can bet that, unless nobody sees Retribution, there's going to be another one. » 1/20/12 2:30am 1/20/12 2:30am

Spend Twelve Minutes with Milla Jovovich. Look at Resident Evil Movie…

They're making another Resident Evil movie, and it's called Retribution. Star Milla Jovovich, who's been showing behind-the-scenes footage, gives a tour of the sets. Together, both clips are nearly twelve minutes long. » 11/11/11 8:00am 11/11/11 8:00am

16 People Injured on Set of Latest Resident Evil Movie

The Associated Press is reporting injuries to 16 actors on the Toronto set of Resident Evil: Retribution after a platform collapsed. Paramedics found it difficult to assess the actors' injuries because of the zombie costumes and make-up they were wearing. The victims suffered leg, arm and back injuries but none were… » 10/11/11 2:20pm 10/11/11 2:20pm