Order Renegade Ops on PC, Get Gordon Freeman's Half-Life 2 Buggy

It's a far cry from a Half-Life 3 announcement, but PC gamers around the world will get a free bonus in their Steam version of Avalanche's downloadable blast-em-up Renegade Ops: Gordon Freeman's iconic buggy. The buggy is cool-looking, but its best feature is surely its ability to summon Ant-Lions and sic 'em on… »9/26/11 8:30pm9/26/11 8:30pm


The First Annual PlayStation Network Play Lineup Brings You Bacon, Vampires, and Street Fighter 3 Galore

If you've been neglecting the Playstation Network's downloadable offerings, then perhaps you'd like to drop by and take a gander at the Playstation Store's wares in the coming weeks as the first annual PSN P event kicks off. Beginning August 9, the Play lineup will highlight four new action games hitting the Network… »8/05/11 3:40pm8/05/11 3:40pm