Take A First Look At Ernest Cline's Armada... And Win A Signed Copy!

Ernie Cline took the world by storm with his video game epic Ready Player One. Now he’s back with a brand new novel Armada — with a premise that will sound very familiar to fans of The Last Starfighter. Read the first chapter, right here — and we just gave away 40 signed copies! » 6/01/15 4:57pm 6/01/15 4:57pm

Ready Player One Is a Video Game Lover's Only Summer 'Must Read'

Summer is nearly upon us, and it's a real possibility that someone will forcibly remove you from the house in order to vacation, in which case, you'll need a beach read to ward off the console cravings. Ready Player One, a novel about a dystopian future so bleak that people choose to live almost entirely in a… » 6/07/12 11:59am 6/07/12 11:59am