The Raspberry Pi 2 Is Faster, More Powerful, and Available Right Now

The Raspberry Pi is easily one of our favorite DIY devices, and today a brand new model is available. The Raspberry Pi 2 features a quad core ARMv7 running at 900mHZ (that's about a 6x speed increase) and 1GB RAM (double the Model B+'s). It's still just $35. It can also now run Windows. »2/02/15 8:00am2/02/15 8:00am

Taking a Bite Out of Raspberry Pi, $35 of Tiny PC Power

Six years ago, Raspberry Pi »5/09/12 2:40pm5/09/12 2:40pm founder Eben Upton set out to reignite programming in schools with a cheap, compact computing platform. Despite targeting students, his foundation's $35 computer captured the imaginations of tinkers worldwide, resulting in overwhelming demand. Interest was so high, that distributors and …