Rainbow 6 Developer Talks Terrorism, Call of Duty, and Moving the Medium Forward

Last week, I headed down to Ubisoft headquarters in San Francisco to get a first look at their upcoming tactical shooter Rainbow 6: Patriots. I posted my impressions of the event earlier today—it looks like a solid evolution of the small-team tactical template set forth in Vegas, but what's more remarkable is that it… »11/28/11 10:00pm11/28/11 10:00pm

Tactics, Teamwork and Tough Choices in Rainbow 6: Patriots

How far would you go to save a life? To save lives? Would you sacrifice an innocent civilian to save a hundred more? Ubisoft's recently unveiled tactical shooter Rainbow 6: Patriots aims to tackle those tough (or at least, dramatic) questions. Last week, I headed down to Ubisoft's headquarters in San Francisco to get… »11/28/11 12:00pm11/28/11 12:00pm