Racquet Sports For Move Is PS3 Sports Tennis

If it wasn't for the fact that it appears to be an -ahem- expansion of Wii Sports Tennis, the most notable aspect of Ubisoft's Move version of Racquet Sports would be that its characters look like Xbox 360 Avatars. » 9/01/10 4:40am 9/01/10 4:40am

Bad Aim Doesn't Bedevil PlayStation Move, Not This Time

The PlayStation Move, like a Wii Remote bolstered by Motion Plus is supposed to tolerate people who stop pointing the controller at the TV. I accidentally completed a successful test of that yesterday. » 7/09/10 3:00pm 7/09/10 3:00pm

We Played A Wii Game Without A Wii Controller

Picture tennis on the Wii, but without a Remote. You could say it's like Microsoft's Project Natal, but the surprise new Wii game that pulls this off is actually borrowing an approach from Sony's EyeToy. Kotaku swung through it yesterday. » 12/10/09 4:00pm 12/10/09 4:00pm

Ubisoft Launching Their Own Wii Sports Racquet

Wii Sports Tennis taught publishers that Wii owners loved hitting things with imaginary racquets. Ubisoft takes this idea and runs with it with Racquet Sports, bundling tennis, ping pong, badminton, squash, and beach tennis in one hard-hitting package. » 12/09/09 11:40am 12/09/09 11:40am