John Carmack Explains How to Make Rage Look Terrible

This afternoon, in an empty conference room inside the Hilton Anatole—a bizarre amalgam of hotel, conference center, and shopping mall—John Carmack sat alone in an uncomfortable metal chair, staring straight ahead. The technical director and co-founder of id Software, the company that invented the first-person shooter… »8/04/11 10:00pm8/04/11 10:00pm

Choice Quotes from John Carmack's 2011 QuakeCon Keynote

  • Rage has been in the pipe for six years. "We invented this genre and we followed it a long ways...Maybe we shouldn't have been quite as ambitious."
  • On Rage: "It really is probably the most enjoyable id game, from my perspective, we've ever made."
  • "I've never been one who played deathmatch for 8 hours."
  • "Everything we…
  • »8/04/11 8:40pm8/04/11 8:40pm