How Sony Is Explaining the PlayStation Network Outage to Its Developers

Sony execs have already apologized to PlayStation customers by way of the company's official blog and with extremely deep bows, but what's the message to game developers affected by the PlayStation Network outage? Industry Gamers has the internal memo in which they "deeply regret that this incident has occurred," but… »5/12/11 6:20pm5/12/11 6:20pm

Sony's Latest Update on PlayStation Network Status Doesn't Sound Good

If you we're expecting to go online with your PlayStation 3 or PSP this weekend, you might want to make other plans. In the latest update from Sony Computer Entertainment on the status of its currently offline PlayStation Network, it sounds like we're in for a longer wait than we (or Sony) expected. »5/06/11 10:30pm5/06/11 10:30pm

PlayStation Network Restoration In 'Final Stages' of Testing; Sony Details Free Identity Theft Protection Plan

Expected to return sometime this week, Sony's PlayStation Network is still offline. But a spokesman for the PlayStation maker says the team responsible for reviving online play and other network services to the PlayStation 3 and PSP has reached "an important step towards restoring" online functionality. »5/05/11 8:00pm5/05/11 8:00pm