Everything You Need to Know About Jessica Jones, Marvel's Most Badass Detective

Just over a month from now, Marvel’s next TV show debuts, featuring Jessica Jones. But who is Jessica? She’s not as well known as Daredevil or the Agents of SHIELD, even though she spent some time as an Avenger in the comics. So here’s everything you need to know about Marvel’s most superheroic detective. »10/05/15 2:25pm10/05/15 2:25pm


12 Worst Attempts To Americanize Foreign TV Shows And Movies

Happy Independence Day! There are many reasons to celebrate America. And then, there's our tendency to borrow other people's stuff. Sometimes when Americans remake foreign properties, it turns out okay, like Let Me In. But often... not. Here are the dozen worst attempts to remake foreign TV shows and films. »7/04/14 1:44pm7/04/14 1:44pm

You're trapped in the dark, and a monster is hunting you.

You're trapped in the dark, and a monster is hunting you. Good thing you've got such great ears, and these cute little monsters are helping you! Check out this demo video for Pulse, which was on hand at the IGF booth at GDC last week. Team Pixel Pi are currently running a Kickstarter to try to get the game finished,… »4/05/13 8:00pm4/05/13 8:00pm