Pulp Fiction Cosplay Is Terrifyingly Close To The Real Thing

Watch Samuel L. Jackson Recite His Pulp Fiction Speech From Memory

On this week's The Graham Norton show, Samuel L. Jackson was asked if he still knew his famous Pulp Fiction Ezekiel 25:17 speech by heart. Turns out he does! » 6/15/14 5:05pm 6/15/14 5:05pm

A Classic Scene From Pulp Fiction Recreated With Valve's Filmmaker

The outfits might be a bit out of place, but this recreation of a memorable scene from Pulp Fiction » 7/20/12 5:15pm 7/20/12 5:15pm is otherwise fairly spot on.

The Golden Age of Science Fiction: A Pulp Primer, Pt. 2

In the second of historian Jess Nevins' series on science fiction pulps, he takes us through the Golden Age of science fiction, from the late 1930s through the "last efflorescence of the pulps" in the mid-1950s. » 11/26/10 10:17am 11/26/10 10:17am

Quentin Tarantino So "Not Interested" In Video Games

Whether it be comic books, exploitation cinema or cheesy TV, Quentin Tarantino might be a pop culture connoisseur. There is one type of pop culture he is not interested in, and that's video games. » 4/05/10 7:00am 4/05/10 7:00am

Game Movie Writer Pleads Guilty To Vehicular Manslaughter

Roger Avary, who won an Oscar for Pulp Fiction, has pleaded guilty to DUI and vehicular manslaughter for a deadly crash in 2008 that left his friend dead and his wife in critical condition. » 8/21/09 11:00pm 8/21/09 11:00pm

Quentin Tarantino Rewrites Team Fortress 2

The Demoman is pissed. He wants his briefcase back, along with the intelligence, or whatever is stashed in there. The end result is Pulp Fortress, an all too brief Pulp Fiction-meets-Team Fortress 2 mash-up. » 11/28/08 9:40pm 11/28/08 9:40pm