Quick Impressions of Kirby Wii, the New Layton and the Latest Game I…

I used to write a thing called the Game Diary each weekday. I did it for a previous employer. I did it for my own now-dormant blog. I briefly did it for my Facebook Fan Page (hmmm... maybe I should do something there). » 10/17/11 11:40am 10/17/11 11:40am

Play the Layton RPG, From Some guys who Made Mother 3

Nintendo studio Brownie Brown helped make Mother 3. It also, quietly, made a Professor Layton role-playing game, available only in the Japanese and American versions of DS game Professor Layton and The Last Specter. » 9/23/11 6:30am 9/23/11 6:30am

Skyward Sword's Golden Bundle, Tetris: Axis, and the Latest Layton

One does not simply walk into Wal-Mart and spend $50 on a brand-new Zelda game. Not when there's a chance to spend $20 more for a gold-colored Wii Remote Plus! » 8/29/11 12:40pm 8/29/11 12:40pm

Professor Layton's Fourth Game is Coming to America

Professor Layton and the Last Specter, a DS game out in Japan since 2009, is finally coming to the West, Nintendo revealed during its E3 press conference earlier this morning. » 6/07/11 6:19pm 6/07/11 6:19pm