There's One Major Free-To-Play Problem With Where's My Water? 2

During an interview with Where's My Water? creator Tim FitzRandolph last week, I found myself excited over the new direction he was taking with the first numbered sequel in the wildly popular series. Then he said the words "simple energy mechanic," and my heart sank. » 9/12/13 9:00am 9/12/13 9:00am

The Fix For Disney Infinity PlayStation 3 Problems Is In

After two days of PlayStation 3 players being unable to play Disney Infinity properly without the game locking up and save game corruption, patch 1.03 has arrived to make things all better, mostly. » 8/20/13 11:34pm 8/20/13 11:34pm

Google Play Is Messed Up, Like This Poor Girl's Disfigured Face

"Why don't you review more Android games?" is a question I get on a daily basis, and it's a question I never ignore. Every time I get it, the first thing I do is go to Google Play on my phone and see if there's anything new worth taking a look at. The service doesn't feature a "New Release" section, but it does… » 5/22/13 11:30am 5/22/13 11:30am

Dead Space 2 Steam Purchasers Are Dead In The Water

Dead Space 2 became available for pre-purchase on digital download service Steam yesterday. It went live early this morning. So why aren't Steam users able to play it yet? » 1/25/11 11:00am 1/25/11 11:00am