Microsoft Denies Participation In PRISM Data-Gathering Scheme

Yesterday was an unusually troubling day for online privacy. Microsoft clarified the potentially problematic privacy settings for the Kinect video and audio sensor that must be plugged into the Xbox One for it to operate. And yet according to a stunning, unrelated report, Microsoft has also been offering up its users'… »6/07/13 2:00pm6/07/13 2:00pm

The NSA Mines an Insane Amount of Data From Every Tech Service You Use

Wow. Nothing is sacred. The Washington Post has discovered that the NSA and FBI have teamed up to tap into the servers of nine US tech companies—Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, you name it—and have extracted e-mails, photographs, audio, video, documents and connection logs. They basically have free reign to take… »6/06/13 9:10pm6/06/13 9:10pm