The Most Interesting Games at E3, Day 3

I played 59 video games, demos and prototypes at this year’s E3, a mere 16 of them on the expo’s third and final day. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst or Just Cause 3 would have made it an even 60, but EA took close to 90 minutes of my two-hour booth tour to get me through Star Wars Battlefront, leaving no time for Mirror’s… » 6/19/15 10:00am 6/19/15 10:00am

The Six Most Interesting Games I Played On E3 Day One, Ranked

At its worst, E3 is like a restaurant where the chef makes you watch a video of the meal he intends to make and then asks you to come back next year when it’s ready. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the chef will prepare a sample of the food and then let you watch him eat it, so you can observe how delicious it is.
» 6/17/15 10:00am 6/17/15 10:00am