The Sex Video Game Polymorphous Perversity Made Me Question My Identity

I don't know what to say about Nicolau Chaud's Polymorphous Perversity. That doesn't mean there isn't anything to say about it; quite the opposite, in fact! It's just that I went in to the RPG expecting a commentary on human sexuality, some reveal of a deeper truth. I was looking to explore the psychology of sex and… »7/24/12 4:30pm7/24/12 4:30pm


This Perverse Sex RPG Is Stimulating, But Not In The Way That You'd Think

Polymorphous Perversity, for those of you that don't recall, is the sex game whose development may have crossed lines. Nicolau Chaud, the mind behind the title, had his relationship with intimacy altered in peculiar ways during development. Nonetheless the game was released into the wild earlier this week via the… »6/28/12 4:00pm6/28/12 4:00pm

The Sex Game That Crossed Lines and Unnerved Its Creator

A post by a psychotherapist on the RPG-Maker forums informed the world of his latest idea: a game about sex. Not the clean, safe sex we typically see in games, mind. The game would be an exploration of sexuality and the human libido, including the kinkier, if not darker sides of desire—from perversions to fetishes… »5/09/12 10:00am5/09/12 10:00am