This New Bar In San Francisco Will Feature Two Robots

The Long Now Foundation, which was founded to foster long-term thinking, recently opened a new bar in San Francisco called The Interval, and designed by Because We Can. The space features exotic drinks, an orrery, a library designed to help rebuild society in case of collapse, and soon...two functioning robots: »6/27/14 12:40pm6/27/14 12:40pm


If You're A Geek In Atlanta, You Should Visit Battle & Brew

On no less than two separate occasions have I ventured to the Atlanta's Battle & Brew game bar, with the intention of writing a feature on the popular hangout for fans of video games, e-sports, anime and everything else under the brilliant geek sun. Now that they've made their own promotional video, I don't have to.… »5/10/14 5:30pm5/10/14 5:30pm