In The Beautiful Belly Of PixelJunk Shooter 2, There Lies A Better Bite…

For one third of PixelJunk Shooter 2, players will command a small spaceship whose guns and thrusters must contend with the small problems of creatures that belch missiles or lava and with the large problem that the caves through which it flies are intestines churned with the processes of digestion. » 3/01/11 2:30pm 3/01/11 2:30pm

The Wonderfully Depressing PixelJunk Video Game Commercial

You might describe the downloadable PlayStation 3 games in the PixelJunk series as "artsy," "old-school" or even "very good." They're like 21st century Atari games. But would you expect a commercial for the next one, PixelJunk Shooter 2, to feature a man drinking his sorrows away? Until they get to the eggplant… » 2/16/11 5:00pm 2/16/11 5:00pm

PixelJunk Shooter 2 Explores PSN In March

The next game in Q Games' great and quirky Pixeljunk series arrives on the PlayStation Store March 1. What's new in PixelJunk Shooter 2? Lots! Why not read our preview? Or ask Q Games yourself at the » 2/10/11 5:30pm 2/10/11 5:30pm

PixelJunk Shooter 2's New Fluids Include Bubbles, Bugs & Bullet Hell

PixelJunk Shooter 2, the sequel to Q-Games' inventive PlayStation Network game, adds more than just light and acid to the list of new fluidic matter the developer is playing with. Bugs, bubbles and bullet hell also join the updated liquid arsenal. » 9/20/10 10:00pm 9/20/10 10:00pm

PixelJunk Shooter 2 Is Full Steam Ahead

PixelJunk Shooter will be the first title in Q-Games' series of PlayStation Network games to get a proper sequel, with "everything and the kitchen sink" going into PixelJunk Shooter 2. » 5/18/10 12:20pm 5/18/10 12:20pm