10 Science Fiction Authors Whose Books Just Kept Getting Stranger

A lot of authors tend to become more conventional over time. They get more mainstream cred, mellow out, and sand the rough edges off their work. But some of science fiction's most famous authors have just kept pushing the limits of storytelling. Here are 10 science fiction and fantasy authors whose books only got… » 10/13/14 4:03pm 10/13/14 4:03pm

How Video Games Changed Our Science Fiction Fantasy

Roger Ebert has said that video games cannot be art. Similar judgments have been made over the decades and centuries about novels, plays, movies, television, comic books, and of course science fiction. » 11/05/10 2:00pm 11/05/10 2:00pm

Any New Info About Those Philip K Dick Games?

Swedish developer Grin might be working with media company Halcyon, who own the rights to the Terminator franchise, on games based on Philip K Dick's works. We don't know though — Grin's tight lipped. » 1/30/09 7:00am 1/30/09 7:00am

Terminator Owners To Release Philip K Dick Games

You sitting down, sci-fi nerds? Halcyon - who now own the rights to the whole Terminator franchise - have secured the option to develop a number of films and games based on the works of Philip K Dick. At this stage, two games are planned. There's no word on just which of Dick's 44 novels and 120 short stories yet to… » 5/23/08 11:40pm 5/23/08 11:40pm