Microsoft Promises More Japanese Support For Xbox One At E3

You might have noticed that this week's Xbox One event was very... Western. Microsoft's snazzy entertainment functions are all designed for American televisions. The games—FIFA, Call of Duty, Quantum Break—were all made by Western developers. Other than a two-second appearance by Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo… »5/23/13 12:00pm5/23/13 12:00pm

All That Ultraviolence Bothers The People Who Make Video Games, Too

Did all the neck-stabbing, animal-killing, city-destroying carnage at E3 stand out to you this year? Whether you were there in person or not, it was hard not to notice the uptick in egregious on-screen violence at the 2012 edition of the expo and that rising trend dominated much of the talk coming out in the… »6/15/12 2:00pm6/15/12 2:00pm

Former PlayStation Exec Taking Over Microsoft Studios Europe

The man who helped usher in the PS3 for Sony will now be the Xbox 360's chief evangelist in Europe. Microsoft's announced that Phil Harrison—formerly president of Worldwide Studios for Sony's PlayStation division—has joined the tech giant's leadership team. Harrison assumes some of the duties left open by the exit of… »3/13/12 11:45am3/13/12 11:45am

Sony's Old Position on Touch Screen Gaming Is Incompatible With The PlayStation Vita

It doesn't feel like 2005 was all that long ago... until you remember that the first iPhone didn't launch until 2007. In the many years since a former Sony executive could make an offhand remark about the Nintendo DS, touch screens have taken over, and the tech is getting sharper every year. The future, it seems, can… »2/14/12 8:30pm2/14/12 8:30pm

Phil Harrison Is "Pretty Confident" Young Generation Won't Buy Physical Media

One day, Atari's Phil Harrison believes, physical game media will be no more. No more DVDs, CDs, and no more video games in plastic boxes. Phil's take: "There’s a generation of kids being born today and probably already alive who I’m pretty confident will never buy a physical media product. They will never buy a DVD,… »12/04/08 6:00am12/04/08 6:00am