The Xbox One Uncertainty Principle

At the start of a cocktail party that was to end an exciting, bewildering and altogether odd day at Microsoft's Redmond campus, I approached Microsoft v.i.p. Aaron Greenberg. Hell of a debut day for the Xbox One, I told him. Some impressive stuff, some confusing stuff. Some fierce reaction online. » 5/24/13 9:00am 5/24/13 9:00am

Microsoft Promises More Japanese Support For Xbox One At E3

You might have noticed that this week's Xbox One event was very... Western. Microsoft's snazzy entertainment functions are all designed for American televisions. The games—FIFA, Call of Duty, Quantum Break—were all made by Western developers. Other than a two-second appearance by Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo… » 5/23/13 12:00pm 5/23/13 12:00pm

You Will Be Able To Trade Xbox One Games Online, Microsoft Says [UPDATE]

Xbox One games will require a one-time activation code to use, but you'll still be able to trade and sell them online, Microsoft tells Kotaku—although we're not 100% clear on the details. » 5/21/13 5:54pm 5/21/13 5:54pm

All That Ultraviolence Bothers The People Who Make Video Games, Too

Did all the neck-stabbing, animal-killing, city-destroying carnage at E3 stand out to you this year? Whether you were there in person or not, it was hard not to notice the uptick in egregious on-screen violence at the 2012 edition of the expo and that rising trend dominated much of the talk coming out in the… » 6/15/12 2:00pm 6/15/12 2:00pm

Former PlayStation Exec Taking Over Microsoft Studios Europe

The man who helped usher in the PS3 for Sony will now be the Xbox 360's chief evangelist in Europe. Microsoft's announced that Phil Harrison—formerly president of Worldwide Studios for Sony's PlayStation division—has joined the tech giant's leadership team. Harrison assumes some of the duties left open by the exit of… » 3/13/12 11:45am 3/13/12 11:45am

Sony's Old Position on Touch Screen Gaming Is Incompatible With The…

It doesn't feel like 2005 was all that long ago... until you remember that the first iPhone didn't launch until 2007. In the many years since a former Sony executive could make an offhand remark about the Nintendo DS, touch screens have taken over, and the tech is getting sharper every year. The future, it seems, can… » 2/14/12 8:30pm 2/14/12 8:30pm

The PS2's Champion Isn't So Sure About The PS3

It was under the leadership of Phil Harrison that Sony conquered Europe with the PS2, which set that console on its path to the history books. So what does Harrison, now long departed from Sony, think of the PS3's chances? » 11/25/10 8:00pm 11/25/10 8:00pm

The PS4 Doesn't Sound Like It'll Be Download Only

The PlayStation 3 was released in 2006. Sony has famously said the console will have a ten year console life. By that math, we can expect the PlayStation 4 sometime after 2016. But can we expect a digital-download-only console? » 8/26/10 6:00am 8/26/10 6:00am

Phil Harrison No Longer President Of Atari

Last year, in a major coup for the fledgling company, Atari managed to hire former Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison to serve as President. Now? Now he's no longer President. » 5/29/09 4:20am 5/29/09 4:20am

Edge Explores The Genesis Of The PlayStation

The history of Sony's original PlayStation is largely well known to gamers, born of a disagreement with Nintendo, who it once partnered with to provide a CD-ROM drive for the Super Nintendo. » 4/24/09 8:20pm 4/24/09 8:20pm

Phil Harrison Originally Wanted To Found His Own Company

Phil Harrison, the game industry's gentlest, most sharply-dressed giant, worked at Sony for 15 years. Then he left. While he ended up joining Atari, turns out the original plan was to start his own company. » 2/05/09 9:00am 2/05/09 9:00am

What Is Tetsuya Mizuguchi Doing These Days?

Well, not much with N3: Ninety-Nine Nights II, apparently! According to the upcoming issue of Famitsu, Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Rez, Lumines) isn't that involved in the game. » 1/28/09 4:30am 1/28/09 4:30am

Ghostbusters: Harrison Wants To Prove Activision Wrong

Atari's plucky bald president Phil Harrison would to show the world that Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick made a big mistake in dropping the Ghostbusters game from the company's lineup. » 12/17/08 1:20pm 12/17/08 1:20pm

Phil Harrison Is "Pretty Confident" Young Generation Won't Buy Physical…

One day, Atari's Phil Harrison believes, physical game media will be no more. No more DVDs, CDs, and no more video games in plastic boxes. Phil's take: "There’s a generation of kids being born today and probably already alive who I’m pretty confident will never buy a physical media product. They will never buy a DVD,… » 12/04/08 6:00am 12/04/08 6:00am

Atari Combats Resale WIth Expandable Experiences

With game companies all over the world depressed about the impact used game resales have on the industry, Atari offers up a simple solution - make games people don't want to let go of. » 12/03/08 12:20pm 12/03/08 12:20pm

Atari Reviving Baldur's Gate, D&D, Test Drive Unlimited

Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Dungeons & Dragons and Test Drive Unlimited haven't been forgotten by Atari. The publisher plans to bring each of those series back to its line-up — but not until after 2009. » 12/02/08 6:40pm 12/02/08 6:40pm

Phil Harrison On The Ghostbusters Game

As we previously posted » 11/07/08 9:00am 11/07/08 9:00am, Atari have picked up the rights to the Ghostbusters game, left in limbo ever since the Activision/Vivendi merger killed off the game's original publisher, Sierra. The company plans to release Ghostbusters "early next summer", to coincide with the first movie's 25th anniversary. Says Atari exec…

Phil Harrison Talks Development Mistakes

Former Sony and current Atari exec Phil Harrison has been in the industry for eons. He's learned things. And while talking about Unity middleware platform » 10/23/08 5:00am 10/23/08 5:00am at the Unite 08 conference in Copenhagen, Harrison discussed why many game projects fail. It's inside baseball, but here's Harrison: Phil Harrison is a smart man.…

SingStar Exec Leaves Sony For Atari

SingStar » 9/08/08 6:00am 9/08/08 6:00am boss Paulina Bozek has left Sony's London Studio to join Phil Harrison at Atari/Infogrames. While at Sony, she's been the Executive Producer and Game Director of the 15 million selling juggernaut. In her new role at Atari/Infogrames, she'll be development director of a new online game studio. Says Harrison: …

Check Out Phil's Going-Away Present From Sony

Phil Harrison didn't just work at Sony, the dude was » 8/23/08 1:30am 8/23/08 1:30am Sony. Cut him and he'd bleed PlayStation. So when he upped and left for Atari earlier this year, there's no way all he was going to get was a pat on the back and a "thanks for your time". No, he was due something . Nicer than a gold watch, even. Something like this…