Get Ready for Zynga Sports, Apparently

The Facebook games giant Zynga seems to have its eyes on a suite of sports titles now, registering several web sites that point to both a football game in the works and an umbrella brand called "Zynga Sports," reports domain registry watchdog Fusible. » 1/21/12 11:00am 1/21/12 11:00am

Facing the Lockout, Madden and NFL Fans Seek a Common Refuge

At E3 this week, the sight I was least prepared for was that of Ray Lewis in full Baltimore Ravens uniform: eye-black, skullcap, gloves, wristbands, everything. This was an appearance for Madden NFL 12 but to him, it didn't look like it was for show. Lewis looked ready to play right there, ready to go in the two… » 6/11/11 6:18pm 6/11/11 6:18pm

Concussions will be Rare in Madden NFL 12, and No One Gets Suspended

Madden NFL 12 will present concussions realistically - as realistically as removing a player from the game, forbidding his return, and delivering commentary that highlights the seriousness of the injury. The game will not include suspensions for players who dole them out; nor is there any way to intentionally cause… » 5/06/11 6:20pm 5/06/11 6:20pm