Fans Want A Robin Williams Tribute In The Next Zelda, Nintendo Responds

The late Robin Williams was so smitten with The Legend of Zelda he famously named his daughter after the title character. Shades of World of Warcraft, fans have banded together via petition to ask Nintendo to honor the actor and comedian in the next game in the series, and Nintendo has responded. »8/16/14 5:09pm8/16/14 5:09pm


Petition to Build the Death Star Gathers Enough Signatures to Rate a Response from the White House

A petition calling on the United States to begin construction of a moon-sized superweapon has achieved 25,000 signatures, which according to the rules of the Obama administration's feel-good bullshit platform "We the People," requires a response from the White House. None has yet been made. »12/14/12 2:00am12/14/12 2:00am