Black Nerd Subconscious, or What Went Into My Dream Last Night

This morning, I woke up from a dream to answer nature’s call. My first waking thought was, “Whoa, I need to get back to that dream.” Because, in that dream, I was going to deliver an impromptu lecture to a packed loft-style apartment—with Joe Kelly, Gail Simone and, Jesus H. Christ, one of my all-time favorite comics… »7/30/13 4:00pm7/30/13 4:00pm

My PC Dropped Dead, but at Least I Rescued My Mass Effect Saves

I love my desktop PC. I'm a PC gamer through and through, and my current computer, which is the machine I also use every day for work, is one I built for myself in 2010. I dust it out regularly, am careful with my file management, and have mastered the art of putting the mouse away at night so the cat can't chew… »5/25/12 1:00pm5/25/12 1:00pm

Come On, Video Games, Let’s See Some Black People I’m Not Embarrassed By

I've never played as a black video game character who's made me feel like he was cool. Worse yet, I've never played a black video game character who made me feel like I was cool. Instead, I've groaned and rolled my eyes at a parade of experiences that continue to tell me video games just don't get black people. »3/29/12 5:00pm3/29/12 5:00pm