This Charming Indie Puzzler Isn't Mechanical At All. It's Unmechanical.

This is not actually a little blue apple, though you might be forgiven for thinking so. It's a lonely little helicopter, who got separated from its little helicopter friends and sucked into a bizarre underground labyrinth.

The dark and twisty maze in question is a series of contradictions. Some areas move right to… »8/08/12 3:00pm8/08/12 3:00pm

Hoodwink is the Biggest Con Job I've Played This Year. And That's a Good Thing.

Slow jazz? Check. Disheveled office? Check. Intimations that someone will walk through the door at any moment? Check. All the signs of a classic film noir-inspired game are well in play.

Except our detective seems awfully young. And grabby. And in fact not detective-like at all. Really, the whole opening of the game… »7/11/12 4:00pm7/11/12 4:00pm

Brand-New Indie Game Resonance is the Best 1990s Adventure Game I've Played in Years

I am a big fan of adventure games. They've been my favorite genre for decades. I like them quite a lot. Enough to have named my cat Guybrush. I have sampled and enjoyed many indie adventure games, both old and new, this year. And I mention all of this so that you will realize the weight of my words when I say: »6/20/12 4:00pm6/20/12 4:00pm

At Its Most Primitive Aztez is Still More Fun Than Most Beat-em Ups

I'm playing an April 2011 build of a game due out in 2013. It only has one level, one hero and only six enemies to dispatch. I've played through it a dozen times since last night.

The stark and striking black and white visuals of Ben Ruiz and Matthew Wegner's Aztez are what initially drew me to this combination… »4/11/12 2:40pm4/11/12 2:40pm

I Didn't Know What to Expect from the Wonderfully Random Really Big Sky

Why would I feature a game that came out last year in our relatively new weekly PC Indie Spotlight feature? I simply couldn't resist the sweet allure of a procedurally generated twin-stick shooter that never played the same way twice.

And I missed Luke's post last year and didn't notice Really Big Sky until it came… »4/04/12 3:40pm4/04/12 3:40pm

Legend of Grimrock is Everything I Wanted in a Modern-Day Dungeon Crawler

Our beaten, bloodied and bruise party stood before the gold-trimmed door, attempting to unravel the secret means of accessing the treasures beyond it. Decimated after a fierce battle with skeletal knights, we should be making haste to the nearest healing stone, but we'd caught the whiff of treasure, and there was no… »3/28/12 2:00pm3/28/12 2:00pm