Warp Is My Favorite Scientist-Exploding PAX East Discovery, So Far

I keep asking people who I run into at PAX East to tell me which games I should check out. Thank you, to whoever told me to try Warp. I think it was Eka, hype man extraordinaire for Monday Night Combat. I'm glad I went. Warp lets you be an alien who can warp through doors, into exploding barrels or into scientists… »3/12/11 1:30pm3/12/11 1:30pm

A Brief Moment with Firefall, The Free Game That Wants To Be World of Warcraft with Guns

Orange County, California might be bland, confesses one developer of Red 5's team-based shooter Firefall, but the game certainly is not. Armor-bound medics squirt now de rigueur healing ribbons that glow a pale green to extrude life back into teammates wearing primary yellow or red that's too busy for G or B. »3/11/11 3:00pm3/11/11 3:00pm