The Curse of Nordic Cove Lets You Smack Viking Ghosts With Golf Clubs

Okay, so The Curse of Nordic Cove kind of looks like a rejected Nintendo 64 game. And the hit detection seems a little off. But hey, at least this golf-simulator-slash-action-adventure title thinks outside the box. I saw it on the PAX East show floor last weekend and thought it was so bizarre, I had to tape it. »4/11/12 1:30pm4/11/12 1:30pm


Borderlands 2 Will Get a New Character Class—Don't Worry, She's Not a Preorder Exclusive [Updated]

In a panel at PAX East, Gearbox Software just revealed that Borderlands 2 will add a new class—the "Mechromancer" sometime after the game releases this October. The class is in the conceptual stages only and will be developed once the game goes into its certification stages later this year. Concept art for the… »4/08/12 7:23pm4/08/12 7:23pm

Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer is Adrenaline-Pumpingly Good

If there's one thing you can say to me to make a first-person shooter experience sound more exciting, it's that it's not a modern military shooter. In the case of Aliens: Colonial Marines—releasing this Fall for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC—that involves having different classes of aliens with acid-burning blood… »4/07/12 7:00pm4/07/12 7:00pm