New Graphic Novel Re-Invents Superman as Clueless 12-Year-Old Kid

Think about it: a Superman-style superhero built for today. The whole savior-from-the-sky bit is crucial but everything else about the character would have to be almost completely different, no? More vulnerable. Less omniscient. More fashionable. Yet, for him to act with all that outsize brashness and altruism, he… »10/21/13 7:30pm10/21/13 7:30pm

The Superhero Dad from One of 2013's Most Anticipated Comics Dies In His Very First Issue

Paul Pope hasn't been hiding. You can find the writer/artist behind such acclaimed works as Heavy Liquid, Batman Year 100 and THB on pretty easily on Twitter, for example. And he just had The One-Trick Rip-Off/Deep Cuts—a collection of older work—land on the New York Times best-seller list for graphic novels. But… »2/20/13 3:00pm2/20/13 3:00pm