Monster Hunting in Dystopian London: Freedom Wars Hits Vita in 2014

As promised: more about Sony's recently teased Panopticon, or, as it likes to call itself now, Freedom Wars. And although the trailer up top doesn't tell us much more of the dystopian monster-infested London we've seen before, we now know that Freedom Wars is a multiplayer action game coming to the PS Vita in 2014. » 5/21/13 6:20am 5/21/13 6:20am

Panopticon's Future London Is Chock Full of Monsters and Explosions

There's a webpage titled "Panopticon" which, for a while, was counting down to something. Now, a trailer's been revealed. It features a dystopian-looking London, ridiculous HAL 9000 headbands, and lotsa fighting. Beneath the video is a date, May 21, which is when Sony will (presumably) tell us more. » 5/16/13 7:20am 5/16/13 7:20am