Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine, and Decode This Assassin's Creed Image

As Assassin's Creed's is basically predicated on brainwashing and an enormous conspiracy theory, it's the perfect subject for the kind of viral clue-hunting alternate-reality game that surfaced on the game's official site this past week. » 10/21/12 6:00pm 10/21/12 6:00pm

Atari Reports Fourth Quarter Losses; Water Also Wet, Fire Hot

Via Shacknews late Friday, Atari reported $23.6 million net loss in its fiscal year ending March 31, 2008, the last FY on its books before it starts getting a monthly allowance from Infogrames, and a lecture on the value of money. » 6/14/08 11:00am 6/14/08 11:00am