Insomniac's Space Pokémon Game Flees Facebook For Mobile Pastures

The makers of Ratchet and Clank turned their attention to Facebook last year, creating Outernauts, a hip, Pokémon-style battle game with absolutely splendid art design. Today Insomniac revealed plans to shut down the game's web presence on January 31, focusing on making a mobile version more people might play. »12/04/13 4:29pm12/04/13 4:29pm


When a PlayStation Hit-Maker Created a Facebook Game...They Tried Not To Pull a Zynga

If you buy the argument that there are people who make real video games and there are people who make things that merely pose as video games—and if you are convinced that these fake "games" threaten to undermine real video games—then a game called Outernauts should have filled you with hope. »8/06/12 9:00am8/06/12 9:00am