A Quick Guide to the Battlefield 3 Beta

Have you heard the news? Battlefield 3 Beta drops on Sept. 29 and will run through to Oct. 10. But what system specs do I need on a computer? How do I install the beta? Do I need Origin? » 9/20/11 1:20pm 9/20/11 1:20pm

Don't Worry, Dragon Age II Is For You, Too

I'd heard and read that some Dragon Age fans were worried about Dragon Age II, the upcoming sequel I finally saw and played today. Was this game really an example of role-playing game powerhouse BioWare abandoning its past? » 11/17/10 5:00pm 11/17/10 5:00pm

Microsoft: We Are Doubling Down on PC Games

Exactly a year after rolling out Windows 7 with much fanfare, Microsoft seems to be finally remembering the gamers who help make their platform so popular. » 10/25/10 11:00am 10/25/10 11:00am