This Is How EA Germany Wraps Up Gamescom

For the general public, Gamescom is just getting started. For the folks at EA Germany—the business types—the show is over. This is how Electronic Arts sent off Gamescom 2010, with a few German-language standards and a huge tool. » 8/21/10 12:30pm 8/21/10 12:30pm

Find The Snake On Germany's Metal Gear Solid 4 Platinum Cover

We thought that our first glimpse of the "Platinum" budget version of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was bad enough. Then we saw Germany's take on Old Snake. » 3/18/09 9:20pm 3/18/09 9:20pm

Dead Space Gets Internationally Banned

Germany, you probably knew this was coming, given Dead Space » 9/05/08 7:40pm 9/05/08 7:40pm's focus on blowing humanoid heads into fuck-all, but you won't be getting your hands on the EA LA developed sci-fi horror game. And you won't either, certain Asian territories. That's according to the title's community manager Ben Swanson, who writes on the…

Games Convention As Interpretive Dance

The Leipzig Games Convention is a show slathered in spectacle, with big booths, booming sound systems, and lovely female companions to distract from each game's graphical shortcomings. What you might think it would be lacking in are interpretive dance routines. You'd be wrong, as the Germans have come through in a… » 8/22/08 3:20pm 8/22/08 3:20pm