Japan is Not Thrilled by the 3DS. Here's Why.

So far, Nintendo's 3DS looks to be a bust. This could change; the portable is still early in its lifecycle. But Japanese gamers aren't exactly snapping the machine up. There must be reasons for this. Turns out, there are. » 6/01/11 4:00am 6/01/11 4:00am

Here, Have Some Download Insurance

In case you forget, GameStop adds it to your shopping cart. The US$3.95 download insurance is a back up copy for future digital game download. That future is a short one, because the insurance expires after 18 months. » 5/30/11 9:00pm 5/30/11 9:00pm

Quentin Tarantino So "Not Interested" In Video Games

Whether it be comic books, exploitation cinema or cheesy TV, Quentin Tarantino might be a pop culture connoisseur. There is one type of pop culture he is not interested in, and that's video games. » 4/05/10 7:00am 4/05/10 7:00am

PSPgo Costs as Much as a PS3 in Denmark

Either Sony's gotta cut its price or the Danish kroner's gotta get a lot weaker against the dollar for the PSPgo's sake. It's listed at 2,000 DKK - or $396 US, one reason retailers there aren't stocking the thing. » 9/24/09 12:40pm 9/24/09 12:40pm