Tapulous Gets NIN In Your Tap Tap Revenge

Tap Tap Revenge » 10/08/08 4:30pm 10/08/08 4:30pm is a fun little rhythm game for the iPhone in the spirit of Guitar Hero/DDR, with a nice line in slightly obscure/cool tracks. Taking a leaf from the Guitar Hero playbook, Tapulous have announced a partnership with industrial rock god Trent Reznor and his one-man-band-with-session-musicians outfit Nine…

Next Week On Rock Band: A Very Special NIN Pack

Fans of Nine Inch Nails and the fan of Shinedown will be thrilled to learn that tracks from both artists will be coming to a Rock Band near you next week. While the Shinedown tracks may not be headline news, the update on the matter indicates that one of the band's tracks is "exclusive to Rock Band." We expect to hear… » 7/18/08 8:20pm 7/18/08 8:20pm