NFL Pros Go Back to College to Fight for Their Video Game Rights

Two letters and a number. That's all you need to be a household name in college football—or its video game, at least. But this year, when NCAA Football 14 hits shelves on Tuesday, South Carolina's fearsome DE#7 and Texas A&M's do-it-all QB#2 will be joined, for the first time, by active players appearing under their… »7/07/13 5:00pm7/07/13 5:00pm


Remember: It's Not Just the NFL's Exclusive License with Madden; the Players' Union Has One, Too.

Gamers, including those who don't even play sports video games, love to hate the exclusive license the NFL sold to EA Sports in 2005, making Madden the only NFL video game on consoles. Let's not forget the NFL Players' Association is a part of this, too. With just one exception (GameLoft's NFL 2010 for iPhone, no… »3/04/13 11:00am3/04/13 11:00am