Looking Back on Sports' Movers, Makers, and Video Gamers in 2011

A walk-on running back; a dad who couldn't tell his kids what he did; a fat kid who started going to the gym and never stopped. A guy who came to know his sport's greatest venue in ways some champions never will. The top man at sports video gaming's dominant publisher, and a college student who considers himself a… »12/24/11 6:00pm12/24/11 6:00pm

Can NFL Blitz Have a Cover Curse if the Game Actually Has No Cover?

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was voted the "cover star" for January's reboot of NFL Blitz at the Video Game Awards tonight. Of course, Blitz is a downloadable title, so this game actually has no physical cover. So that means Rice won't actually tear his ACL in the playoffs after the game releases on PSN and… »12/10/11 9:36pm12/10/11 9:36pm