NCSoft Ditching "Lighter" Games To Focus on Triple A Titles

Click to view »9/10/08 3:00pm9/10/08 3:00pmNCsoft's to a single new label for their studios marks more than just a shift in management teams and consolidation of subsidiaries. It's also the first step in the company's decision to refocus their efforts on large, triple-A massively multiplayer games, David Reid, NC West president of publishing told…


NC Europe, NC Austin and ArenaNet Transform to Become NC West

NCsoft is consolidating their European and U.S. subsidiaries, including ArenaNet, under a single lable, NCsoft West, the company announced today. While the headquarters for the newly named company will be established in Seattle by the end of 2008, the offices in Europe and Austin will not be closed. The announcement… »9/10/08 2:00pm9/10/08 2:00pm