Halifax-Based NBA Baller Beats Studio Shuts Down After Five Years [UPDATE]

The Halifax division of HB Studios, the Canadian group of developers behind numerous sports video games, is closing, an HB rep confirmed to Kotaku today. The studio is responsible for this fall's NBA Baller Beats, an unusual and innovative Kinect game that teaches you to dribble with a real basketball (we tried it at… »7/25/12 12:20pm7/25/12 12:20pm


As Promised, Here I am Looking Like a Jackass Playing NBA Baller Beats

We saved my weirdest E3 appointment for last—checking out the rhythm/sports hybrid NBA Baller Beats from Majesco and HB Games about four hours before my flight last Thursday. The teaser videos may have looked ridiculous, but some of that can be attributed to overacting and over-editing. How does this Kinect game… »6/13/12 7:30pm6/13/12 7:30pm

See This? See This Blend of Sports Skill and Dancing Rhythm? Yeah, Owen's Gonna Try That on Video

No, NBA Baller Beats, a Kinect rhythm game, is not a joke, but I'm sure as hell going to look like one attempting to play it when I swing by Majesco's booth later this week at E3. I can't do a crossover dribble. I can't even dribble with my left hand. Now, I can dribble in my left hand, but that's a different activity. »6/05/12 5:30pm6/05/12 5:30pm