Kobayashi Maru Teaches You To Cheat

Star Trek D-A-C launches on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow—and if you're clever enough to press the right combination of buttons to trigger a currently unannounced cheat code, you can score the Kobayashi Maru Achievement. » 5/12/09 8:20pm 5/12/09 8:20pm

Star Trek D-A-C Preview: Boldly Going Where Others Have Been Before

Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network lend themselves to quick, pretty games with multiplayer – and that's exactly what Star Trek D-A-C aims to be. » 4/28/09 8:20pm 4/28/09 8:20pm

First Details On Star Trek: DAC

We can tell you what Paramount and Bad Robot's new downloadable Star Trek game for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network is—it's a top-down, space combat arcade title—but we can't tell you what that "DAC" means. » 3/24/09 7:20pm 3/24/09 7:20pm

J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Video Game Coming In May

Star Trek D·A·C will be coming to a video game platform near you this May, timed with the release of the JJ Abrams' film, according to Paramount Pictures. » 3/10/09 4:20pm 3/10/09 4:20pm