Giggle With Us Now at These—Let’s Be Honest—Pretty Goofy…

Motion-capture technology's changed the way that today's movies, TV shows and video games look and move. Usually, sessions where special cameras and suits upload a person's movement to computers happens in sequestered studios, far from prying eyes. At GDC 2012, mo-cap happened right out in the open and it was a wonder … » 3/12/12 6:30pm 3/12/12 6:30pm

Think L.A. Noire Has Impressive Facial Animations? Check This Out

It's true that work that Team Bondi has done animating the faces of real life actors in Rockstar's L.A. Noire is nothing short of astounding, but Janimation's facial recognition technology creates virtual faces so real you can almost smell their stinking breath. » 5/18/11 12:20pm 5/18/11 12:20pm