This “Adult 3D Racer” is Neither a Good Racing Game, Nor a Good Visual Novel

When I heard about Moero Downhill Night Blaze (and its recent Western release), it was described as a Japanese-made "adult 3D racer"—a description that sent my mind reeling. How do you make a game that is both a porn game and a racing game? My mind came up with more than a few "interesting" theories, but I knew that I… »1/11/13 6:00am1/11/13 6:00am


A Game With Fast Cars, Racing Action, and... Hardcore Anime Pornography!?

Moero Downhill Night Blaze is the latest adult visual novel in the Moero Downhill Night series of street racing-themed games. In most visual novels ("adult" or otherwise), the gameplay is little more than a few major choices set up in a choose-your-own-adventure type story. However, Moero Downhill Night Blaze moves… »1/08/13 6:00am1/08/13 6:00am