Did Sports Video Games Really Get Any Better in 2012?

Earlier this week, Metacritic bemoaned 2012 as a year of poorer review scores for video games than the one preceding it. Fewer titles surpassed the all-important 90—which practically guarantees job security to those who developed or greenlit the project—than in 2011. Interestingly, the three console platforms' average… »1/06/13 4:30pm1/06/13 4:30pm


What MLB The Show's "Diamond Dynasty" Is, and Why It Isn't Another Ultimate Team [UPDATE with images]

Cards, collections, virtual currency— when "Diamond Dynasty" appeared in a retail listing as a new mode for MLB 12 The Show »2/17/12 6:30pm2/17/12 6:30pm, everyone thought they knew what it was: A feature that would borrow heavily from EA Sports' "Ultimate Team," which has been a cash cow for its , and franchises.

Batter Up! Check Out the First Screens for MLB 12 The Show

There was a time when console manufacturers made a point of having first-party sports sims on their machines but that era's long since passed. Sony's The Show franchise carries on that legacy and, after a few pitches in the dirt at first, the PS3 exclusive baseball franchise is enjoying a run of acclaim for the last… »12/02/11 4:40pm12/02/11 4:40pm